About Me

Hi, I’m Michael — a sophisticated Software Engineer.

Michael Abadi Santoso is an iOS Engineer, originally from Indonesia and currently living and working in Thailand at Agoda.

The purpose of creating this blog is because I want to give back to the community as I have been taught by other great iOS Developer, and I would like to continue the chains. Besides, one of great way to learn something is by teaching it. I will share all of my problems, tips and tricks, and other relevant things that I found along the way of my journey in my career through this blog.

The website is single-handedly run by me, with its entire content available for free for everyone.

User privacy is taken very seriously: no user data is collected in any way.

As a full time professional, maintaining the site while working is quite challenging, thus both companies and individuals are very welcome to support my site.

Comments? Typos? Feedback? Please feel free to contact me on twitter or via email.