How to Support My Blog!

Since mid 2020, I try to publish at least one blog every month throughout my Medium channel. After that, I started to develop this website and start to gradually put my technical content to my own website without any hassle. At the moment, my blog is still growing with over 2000 visitors and I would like to keep this momentum.

I have decided to open up a sponsorship program in case you want to support my work. Besides I would like to reach my audience not only for those reading my site, but those developers/students that part of several groups that I manage (detail on the bottom of this page).

Ad placement will look similarly to the one above, where every interaction will land to your website/product.

Ad will be placed on all pages of the site, including every article (top, center and bottom).

Ad design and message can be personalized and free of charge.

Free shout out and thank you by me on all of my social medias, including LinkedIn.

I participate and conduct an activity in several groups such as:

  • I am an owner and admin of Facebook Page of thousand iOS developer in Indonesia.
  • I am also one of the speaker of Indonesian telegram study groups (500+ devs).
  • I am also a lecturer for an iOS Programming Course in my University.

I could spread the word and recommend your products one time per package in all of those groups which I manage and have permission to do so (with exception only if you can provide an exclusive sponsor discount code for them).


  • PROMOTION RATE! One week of sponsorship is $100.
  • PROMOTION RATE! Four week of sponsorship is $250.

Contact me at abadi0067@gmail.com. Every inquiry will receive a personal reply within 24 hours.


For individual please support me on my Patreon or even just subscribe my newsletter.