Complete List of Must-Watch Conferences Before WWDC 2021

Full list of my must-watch conferences before WWDC

Tik tok tik tok, 6 more days before we are going to watch the WWDC 2021 Conference. Multiple events are being hosted by many iOS Developers around the world. Besides that, I would like also to recommend some top watchlists of the iOS Conference, that we can watch as a warm-up before we are sitting and watching WWDC next week. Here are my top lists: Swift Heroes Italy Swift Heroes Italy is one of the most underrated conferences in Italy.

All of Apple WWDC2020 Keynote!

See most of WWDC2020 Keynote

Here is the list of features that Apple introduced on their WWDC 2020 Event keynote: iOS 14 App Library: A new space for organizing all of your apps into a grouped library and easy to navigate Widgets: Freely search widget and choose widget and put it in the Smart Stack into the home screen. The smart stack can do it for us automatically, you can see the news in the morning, meeting on noon and activities on the evening Picture in picture: You can open a video, audio, or other media while you are on another application.