Complete List of Must-Watch Conferences Before WWDC 2021

Full list of my must-watch conferences before WWDC

Tik tok tik tok, 6 more days before we are going to watch the WWDC 2021 Conference. Multiple events are being hosted by many iOS Developers around the world. Besides that, I would like also to recommend some top watchlists of the iOS Conference, that we can watch as a warm-up before we are sitting and watching WWDC next week.

Here are my top lists:

Swift Heroes Italy

Swift Heroes Italy is one of the most underrated conferences in Italy. It has covered multiple ranges of interesting topics every year since 2018. This year they already conducted the conference last month (Online) and it was a huge success, with awesome documentation and a fully prepared organizer.

iOS Conf SG

iOS Conf SG is a top-notch conference, that is taken a place in Singapore. It is widely known by many developers because of the quality of the event that they create. When I was luckily able to attend the event onsite and meet with many great developers even I able to met and took a picture with Paul Hudson, the legend of iOS Developer!. They also have an after-party event which is nice for networking. Unfortunately, they started to do online conferences since COVID-19, however, it doesn’t degrade the quality of the conference! It still a fabulous conference.


UIKonf is Berlin’s independent [remote] conference for serious iOS developers (cited from their website). UIKonf has been widely regarded as one of the top conferences in Europe, even my iOS Lead from Germany has been attending this conference many times. UIKonf also facilitates connection besides giving knowledge. This conference is not limited only to iOS Development, so it is a great conference to watch if you interest in other platforms.


NSSpain is the 2020 award winner conference!. Although it sounds like a Spanish conference only, but nope. It is an international scale conference that has hundreds of attendees every year. It is one of the most well-known conferences about Apple platforms, with 36 hours conference format. They also have other activities such as full-day workshops, hands-on experience, hacking, and debugging. 2020 was their first remote edition and it was a very huge success!.

Try! Swift

Try! Swift is one of the interesting communities to follow. I said community because they are not only creating a conference but multiple limited workshops that are taught by great developers around the world. Besides, they also grant a scholarship for those who are having economic difficulties but are willing to learn. I am honored that I am able to attend some of the workshops especially the one from Donny Wals. I really like his books and talks, and it was a very amazing moment that I able to interact with him and ask questions to him. You are also able to attend the event hosted in Tokyo!

Borderless Conf

I just know borderless when I saw a tweet of Roxana Jula, one of the developers that I really enjoy her talks, especially it is about AR, that she will have other talks in here. So I went to the site, register (free), and attend it. Borderless is a conference organized by Monstarlab, one of the biggest companies in the digital consulting industry across the globe.

BA: Swiftable

To be honest, I don’t have much information about this conference, and I just know this from my friend from my office. He shared to me this conference, and I looked up to it, and they have some interesting topics. Maybe next time I will take my attention to this conference too. Base on their website is an iOS Conference from Latin America.

Swift India

One of the surreal onsite experiences I have ever had. I went to India for the very first time, joined the Gojek workshop, and meet hundreds of awesome developers in Bangalore!. Besides that, I got time for traveling around India which is a very interesting country to travel. The conference itself is being hosted in a convenient place in India, with a buffet, how can I miss that opportunity? Now, I really miss Indian food!


FrenchKit is a Cocoa developer conference based in Paris. FrenchKit is one of the conferences hosted onsite in 2020 with some new rules for abiding the COVID-19 measurement in the country. Vincent Pradeilles, one of the amazing iOS content creators, is one of the speakers of this conference!


ddotSwift is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe that has been started since 2012. They have very well-organized people behind the conference (from the content team, partner, communication, and even logistics team) that will bring you a world-class conference experience! Even though I never attend it onsite, but I really like the way they manage it and reinvented the conference into a TED-like format. They bring the best possible speakers to the conference, and also they have another dot conference too! (dotGo, dotCSS, dotJS).

That’s mostly all of the conferences that I know and I recommend it to watch it as a warm-up for our WWDC next week! Which one do you like? Do I miss some conference? Please let me know!